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Health Insurance in the Czech Republic

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The Czech Republic has a well-developed and modern healthcare system, offering quality medical care to its population. With a combination of public and private health services, the country provides a range of medical care and is renowned for its medical expertise, modern facilities and advanced medical practices.

Health insurance for expats in the Czech Republic

How does the Czech Republic healthcare system work?

The health system in the Czech Republic is based on a mixed model, combining public and private health services. It aims to ensure access to medical care for the country's entire population.

The public healthcare system in the Czech Republic is financed mainly by compulsory health insurance contributions. Employees and employers contribute equally to these contributions, which are deducted from employees' wages. Self-employed persons, pensioners and the unemployed also contribute to health insurance, but at a different rate.

Once insured, people receive basic medical cover, which includes preventative care, primary care provided by general practitioners, specialist care and hospital treatment. Healthcare costs are regulated by the state, but patients may have to pay a certain amount, such as co-payments or non-reimbursable costs.

In addition to the public system, the Czech Republic also has a private healthcare sector. Private health services often offer greater flexibility in terms of choice of doctors and shorter waiting times. People who wish to access specific medical services or who prefer a more personalised approach can opt for private care at an additional cost.

How to choose health insurance in the Czech Republic: local or international?

When it comes to choosing health insurance in the Czech Republic, it is important to take several factors into account. Czech permanent residents have access to the public health system, which provides medical care at regulated rates.

However, there may be additional costs payable by the patient. Expatriates in the Czech Republic may wish to consider international health insurance to protect their healthcare needs, which can provide fast access to diagnostics and eligible treatment as well as peace of mind that you can receive medical treatment if you become ill.

How much does healthcare cost in the Czech Republic?

The cost of healthcare in the Czech Republic depends on various factors, such as the type of treatment, the medical establishment chosen and insurance cover.

In general, the cost of a consultation with a general practitioner varies between CZK 500 and CZK 800, while a visit to a specialist can cost between CZK 800 and CZK 1,500. Hospitalisation costs vary depending on the length of stay and the nature of the medical procedure, but can amount to several thousand CZK per day.

Care in the Czech Republic

Public hospitals

Public hospitals are the main component of the health system in the Czech Republic. They offer basic medical care as well as specialised services in various fields. These hospitals are located throughout the country and are generally accessible to all residents and those insured under the public health system.

Private clinics

The Czech Republic also has a number of private clinics offering high-quality medical care. They often offer greater flexibility in terms of choice of doctors and shorter waiting times. However, it should be noted that private care can be more expensive than public services.

Specialist medical centres

There are also specialist medical centres in the Czech Republic that focus on specific areas of medicine, such as cardiology, neurology, oncology, cosmetic surgery and so on. These centres often have state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology to offer high-quality specialist care.

General practitioners

General practitioners, also known as family doctors, play a key role in the Czech healthcare system. They provide primary care and are generally the first point of contact for patients. GPs can refer patients to specialists if necessary.

Healthcare Facilities


Na Homolce Hospital

+420 257 271 111

Local rates may apply


University Hospital Brno

+420 532 231 111

Local rates may apply


University Hospital Motol

+420 224 431 111

Local rates may apply

For more information

Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic

The official website of the Ministry of Health can provide information on medical establishments and health professionals in the Czech Republic.

Institute for Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic.

The website provides information on medical facilities, including hospitals, clinics and health centres.