• published on 2/22/2023
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Easy and Affordable SME Health Insurance in Singapore

Need group health insurance for your employees in Singapore? Learn how our Singapore health insurance options can work for businesses of any size.

Easy and Affordable SME Health Insurance in Singapore

In today’s competitive labour market, it’s more important than ever to attract top talent to get the best results for your business—and that means providing a great employee benefits package. Research from Randstad and Kantar TNS reveals that 70% of Singaporean workers listed “an attractive salary and benefits” as the top value proposition of an ideal employer. Providing comprehensive health insurance coverage is not only boosting satisfaction of existing employees, but also serves as one of the key pillars in attracting new talents.

However, many SMEs may worry that a group health insurance plan will be unaffordable, or not suitable for the needs of their growing business. Fortunately, APRIL International offers a business health insurance solution that works for companies of all sizes.

Here’s why MyHEALTH Business Singapore could be the perfect group health insurance option for your company:

Health Insurance in Singapore That Works for Small and Medium Businesses

MyHEALTH Business Singapore is built on the same structure as our best-selling individual health insurance product, MyHEALTH Singapore. MyHEALTH Business is available for companies of any size, starting at just one employee (an offer that’s unique on the market).

The plan is designed to offer you maximum flexibility. You can choose to:

  • Offer different levels of coverage to different types of employees (for example, managers vs. individual contributors)

  • Allow employees to add their spouses and dependents to the plan

  • Cover overseas employees

Corporate Medical Insurance Plans to Fit Any Budget

Group medical insurance doesn’t have to be expensive. Companies on a budget can select our Core Plan, which provides essential healthcare coverage at an affordable price. With this plan, employees will be covered for major illnesses, while also having access to direct billing, a turnaround time of just five to six days on claims made through the Easy Claim app, and easy access to telemedicine or a second medical opinion from the comfort of their home.

Singapore Group Health Insurance Pricing: How Does It Work?

There are even more ways to save with a Singapore group health insurance plan from MyHEALTH. If you add more employees to the plan, you’ll benefit from a greater discount on your premiums. And when employees make claims, this won’t impact your premium—our group plans are pool rated and have stable pricing, so you’ll have predictability on your rates every time you renew.

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