• published on 6/10/2022
  • 2min

Protecting Important Documents While Travelling

Secure your documents, and leave with peace of mind. Before going abroad, it is important to take precautions: travel insurance, first-aid kit, vaccinations... But have you thought about securing your important documents? From passports to health insurance certificates, these documents are indispensable and need to be properly protected. Find out how to keep them safe.

Protecting Important Documents While Travelling

Initial precautions

Before your trip, be sure to make a copy of all your important papers. Start by making copies or scans of your passport, identity card, health insurance certificate, and any other documents you will need during your trip. Print out a copy each time, and remember to take them with you. In the event of loss or theft, they will serve as proof to the embassy and will greatly simplify your procedures.

Cloud and virtual safe: digital help for you

Once you have scanned all your documents, store them in virtual spaces (cloud) so that you can access them anywhere and at any time. You can use a free platform like Google Drive, Dropbox, or iCloud, but also store them in “virtual safes”. Offered by some banking institutions as well as private companies, these are the best solution for protecting sensitive documents. They are paid for and protected by encryption keys, which are said to be unbreakable. You can also send your documents to your mailbox for easy retrieval.

What to do once you arrive in your destination

When you get off the plane and arrive at your accommodation, make sure you put all your important documents in a safe place. If possible, store them in a safe directly in your hotel room or at the reception. When you travel, take the originals with you and put them in hard-to-reach places (small bag, secret pocket, etc.). Leave duplicates in a safe place.