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Why choose PallasHEALTH Hong Kong

PallasHEALTH is the most comprehensive medical coverage of the APRIL suite.

With an annual limit of US$5,000,000, PallasHEALTH gives you the peace of mind that you’re fully covered in case of serious illness and the freedom to choose your own medical providers.

We are committed to offering you the highest level of service you can expect from a premium medical plan.

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We make access to quality healthcare easy for you

  • Hong Kong-based, multilingual customer support
  • 24/7, unlimited TeleHEALTH and Second Medical Opinion services
  • Cashless access to hospital worldwide and to 4,500 medical facilities in Asia
  • Worldwide travel and medical assistance
  • 100% digital claims submission

PallasHEALTH Hong KongTable of Benefits

All monetary sums are in USD

Your benefits

Hospital & Surgery
Annual limit per person per period of insurance
- Standard private room
- Outpatient surgery
- Cancer treatment


Outpatient (optional)


Maternity (optional)

$15,000 per pregnancy

Dental & Optical (optional)


24/7 evacuation, repatriation and assistance services

Included up to $1,000,000

Everything you need to know about PallasHEALTH Hong Kong

What are the steps to create my plan?

PallasHEALTH Hong Kong is a very straightforward plan. It is composed of 4 modules that you may pick and choose. The Hospital & Surgery module will be the basis of your plan. You may then choose to add Outpatient, Maternity and Dental/Optical modules. You also have the option to add a deductible to your plan and choose your area of coverage. Finally, worldwide emergency assistance services are included in all plans.

Where am I covered with PallasHEALTH?

We offer 2 options for your area of cover: Worldwide or Worldwide excluding North America and the Caribbean. This means that you will receive the same level of coverage whether you seek treatment in Hong Kong or abroad.

We also offer portability options for PallasHEALTH – meaning you can take your plan with you to most countries worldwide if you are relocating.

Can I use PallasHEALTH Hong Kong as a top-up health insurance plan?

PallasHEALTH Hong Kong works great as a top-up plan if you are currently covered by a local or company-provided health insurance that simply doesn’t meet your needs. If you add a deductible to your plan, any hospital treatments your existing plan pays for will count towards your deductible, and you can also include additional optional benefits – such as outpatient or dental/optical for instance – to improve your protection.

Here’s how a deductible works: should you be hospitalised, your local plan will cover you up to its limit, and we will cover the remaining cost of hospitalisation (up to your annual limit, which is US$5,000,000). If you opted for additional modules, PallasHEALTH may also cover you for the benefits that are not included your local plan.

Who can apply for PallasHEALTH Hong Kong?

To apply for a PallasHEALTH plan, you must be residing in Hong Kong and aged 60 or below at the time of the application. We offer lifetime renewals.

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