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Get yourself insured during your studies or internship in Switzerland

Scorestudies is a comprehensive solution for international students in Switzerland and is recognised by local authorities in all cantons (depending on the canton's eligibility criteria).

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What is Scorestudies, the insurance for international students in Switzerland?

Scorestudies is a comprehensive health insurance plan for international students, trainees, and au pairs moving to Switzerland. This medical insurance, covering both sickness and accident, is adapted to the local healthcare system and to the international mobility needs of students: our solution will give you the best chance of success during your stay in Switzerland.

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Why choose Scorestudies insurance for international students in Switzerland?

  • Recognised by the most important Swiss schools and universities
  • International coverage, valid in Switzerland and worldwide
  • MyHealth app to manage your policy in a few clicks
  • No out of pocket expenses in case of hospitalisation
  • Reimbursements within 48 hours in 130 currencies
  • Private Civil Liability and/or household contents insurance available as an option

Scorestudies: make the most of your studies in Switzerland

Who is eligible to Scorestudies?

- You are a foreign student/trainee/au pair and living in Switzerland
- You hold a B training permit or L study permit
- You will soon be arriving in Switzerland or have been living here for less than 6 years
- You are not married to a person with a B working permit, C permit or Swiss national

Can I consult any doctor of my choice?

Yes! To make your life easier, you are free to to choose your doctor.

How do I submit a claim?

After scanning or taking a picture of your supporting documents (prescriptions, bills and receipts, etc.), you have two options:

- Submit your request directly via the MyHealth app
- Submit your request via email to

How do I renew my contract?

Your contract is automatically renewed on the 1st of June each year.  Four weeks before the renewal date, you will receive a notification concerning the premium rates and the benefits for the upcoming insurance year. No information is required from you unless you should wish to cancel your contract.

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