• published on 5/23/2024
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The Most Desired Employee Perks in 2024: Top 10 List

Discover the top 10 employee perks of 2024 that are shaping the future of work.

The Most Desired Employee Perks in 2024: Top 10 List

As we navigate through 2024, the employment landscape continues to transform, mirroring shifts in societal norms, economic trends, and technological progress. Job seekers are progressively seeking perks that not only bolster their immediate financial stability but also foster their long-term health, wellness, and personal development.

Here are the top 10 perks that job applicants are on the lookout for in 2024:

1. Flexibility in Remote Work: The option to work remotely or from various locations remains a top priority. This flexibility allows employees to strike a balance between their professional and personal lives, mitigate commuting hassles, and potentially decrease living expenses by choosing to live in more cost-effective regions.

2. Health Insurance: For the globally mobile workforce, having a comprehensive international health insurance plan is crucial. It guarantees adherence to international standards and provides dependable coverage. Such a plan can encompass a broad spectrum of health services, tailored to meet the medical needs of employees.

With the inclusion of offerings from providers such as APRIL International, these plans can offer even more comprehensive and personalised coverage options. This ensures that employees are well-protected, no matter where their work may take them.

3. Mental Health Benefits: Job seekers are also increasingly drawn to the inclusion of mental health services in health insurance benefits offered by companies. This encompasses mental health benefits such as fees for consultation by psychologists or psychiatrists and alternative virtual services such as stress management counselling.

In addition to health insurance, other mental health perks such as therapy sessions, mental health days, and mindfulness resources are gaining prominence in the workplace. This reflects the rising societal recognition of mental health. As 2024 progresses, there is a growing emphasis on flexible plans that offer coverage customised to individual needs. This is seen as a significant advantage by job applicants.

4. Retirement Plans and Financial Wellness: Solid retirement plans including employer matching contributions, are vital. Moreover, financial health programs that guide saving, investing, and debt management are gaining popularity.

5. Flexible Working Hours: The capability to modify work hours and schedules to cater to personal requirements, such as childcare, education, or hobbies, promotes a work-life equilibrium and highly appeals to job applicants.

6. Paid Parental Leave: The provision of substantial paid parental leave for both mothers and fathers is a perk. It not only promotes the active participation of both parents in early childcare but also underscores the importance of a balanced family life. It’s an appealing advantage that fosters the shared responsibility of early childcare between both parents.

7. Career Advancement Opportunities: Prospects for career progression and skill development, such as tuition reimbursement, access to courses and certifications, and participation at industry conferences, are crucial to enhancing employees’ skills in their work.

8. Wellness Programs for Employees: These encompass gym memberships, fitness classes, nutritional advice, and even on-site health services. In 2024, these programs frequently extend to virtual wellness platforms that employees can utilise remotely.

9. Employee Compensation Insurance: This perk offers a safety net by providing income protection if an employee is incapacitated due to a severe illness or injury caused in the workplace, underscoring the growing focus on risk and security in perk packages.

10. Initiatives for Work-Life Balance: In addition to flexible hours and remote work, these initiatives could include options like sabbaticals, volunteer days, and shorter work weeks. They are designed to assist employees in maintaining a healthy equilibrium between their work and personal lives.

How Can APRIL Elevate Your Employee Package?

The top 10 employee perks mentioned are evolving into essential components of a job offer, significantly influencing an individual’s decision to join an organisation. Consequently, employers aiming to attract and retain top talent must consider these factors and strive to create a work environment that not only meets but surpasses these expectations.

In this evolving landscape, the offerings of APRIL distinguish themselves. We provide international health insurance plans customised to companies of all sizes, ensuring that employees are covered wherever their work might take them globally. We understand what matters to your employees and offer coverage for essential healthcare services.

Beyond comprehensive health coverage, APRIL also provides mental support services such as stress management, further demonstrating our commitment to employee well-being. This comprehensive approach to employee perks aligns with the changing priorities of today’s workforce.