International Health Insurance - Singapore

For Individuals & Families

International Health Insurance in Singapore

  • Can be customised to your needs and budget

  • An Asia-based customer service team to assist you

  • Family discounts up to 15%

  • Option to choose different plans for all family members

  • Cashless access to our trusted network of 3,800 medical providers in Asia

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We make access to quality healthcare easy for you

  • Singapore-based, multilingual customer support
  • 24/7, unlimited TeleHEALTH and Second Medical Opinion services
  • Cashless access to hospitals worldwide and to 4,500 medical facilities in Asia
  • Worldwide travel and medical assistance
  • 100% digital claims submission

We have our heart set on supporting and protecting people when it matters

We believe you should only have to pay for what you need, and nothing else

- We assist you to customise your plan and find a price which best suits your budget
- Each family member can create their own cover combination under MyHEALTH
- We work hand in hand with our clients and healthcare professionals to help guarantee sustainable prices

We make it our mission to deliver a better healthcare experience

- You can trust our advisors to work with you to design a cover around what matters most: your health
- Our plans are straightforward and simple to understand so that you can make easier and better informed decisions
- We use technology to transform our customer experience and deliver high-standard services

We are always close to you

- Receive 24/7 support from our Asia customer service team
- In case of emergency, we will assist you every step of the way, wherever you are in the world
- We offer you access to our regional network of trusted healthcare professionals in Asia

Who is MyHealth Singapore for?

Expatriate family established in Singapore

You are looking for a family-friendly plan that follows the needs of your children as they grow up and offers a comprehensive cover for yourself and your spouse. You want to be able to choose different levels of coverage depending on your family members’ needs

What we recommend you:

- Hospital & Surgery: Extensive
- Outpatient: Extensive

What we offer you:

- Medical checkups and vaccinations benefits to cover your children’s routine visits and treatments
- Coverage for serious children conditions such as congenital and hereditary conditions or neonatal disabilities
- A wide range of wellbeing and preventive benefits for adults
- Family discounts up to 15% › Complete freedom to choose your own medical providers
- A digital app to access your family’s coverage details and insurance services in one click
- The same level of cover in Singapore, back home or wherever you travel

Young professional

You are looking for a budget-friendly, yet comprehensive cover to protect you in case of emergency or serious illness. You are globally mobile and want your insurance to follow you wherever you go

What we recommend you:

- Hospital & Surgery: Essential
- Optical Dental: Extensive

What we offer you:

- Full coverage in case of hospitalisation
- Cover for major treatments such as cancer treatment, organ transplant or kidney dialysis
- Emergency assistance, evacuation and repatriation wherever you are in the world
- Adult preventive screening
- A complimentary 24/7 teleconsultation service to help you reach a doctor anytime, anywhere
- Dental checkups and treatments at an affordable cost

Young couple planning for a baby

You are looking for a flexible and comprehensive health coverage that is easy to understand. You are planning for the future and want to cover your growing family

What we recommend you:

- Hospital & Surgery: Extensive
- Outpatient: Essential

What we offer you:

- Comprehensive coverage for hospitalisation
- Cover for major treatments such as cancer treatment, organ transplant or kidney dialysis
- Full coverage for complications of pregnancy
- The possibility to add your newborn to your policy from day 1, without underwriting*
- Cashless access to a selection of clinics and hospital for outpatient consultations, including general practitioners, specialists and physiotherapists
- Adult preventive screening
*The parent must be covered for at least a year

APRIL at your side worldwide for over 40 years

  • 180+ countries covered
  • 150,000+ policyholders
  • 2+ million partner healthcare professionals
  • 300+ committed employees