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Welcome to APRIL International's Affiliate Program: Turn your network into income!

Target Audience Insights

APRIL International provides comprehensive insurance solutions designed to support expatriates of all backgrounds and circumstances. Whether a student, an intern, a professional on a working holiday, an employee, or retiree, our flexible range of insurance options ensures that your referrals receive the coverage they need throughout their international endeavors.

About APRIL international

About APRIL International

APRIL International is a world leader in international health insurance. We currently provide cover to more than 150,000 policyholders around the world in their business and personal endeavours. Our aim is to facilitate your access to healthcare throughout the world.

some of our key figures:

- 150,000 policyholders worldwide
- 20,000 distribution partners
- 2,000 corporate clients
- 300 employees
- 250 million (€) in premiums collected
- 26 nationalities
- 13 countries of operation

In France and abroad,we work with leading insurance partners, and our experience has brought us worldwide recognition.
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APRIL International locations

With a presence in 13 countries, our employees are at your side to help you manage your policy at all times

- Paris
- London
- Cologne
- Montreux
- Dubai
- Singapore
- Bangkok
- Shanghai
- Hong Kong
- Ho Chi Minh city
- Manila
- Jakarta
- Mexico city

Our Digital & medical service

  • Easy Claim App:
    Discover how to easily track your reimbursement claims, obtain your virtual insurance card, consult doctors online, locate nearby healthcare professionals, arrange hospital care, and access all your policy documents effortlessly

  • Easy Pay Card: Simplified Payments
    The Easy Pay Card is a new, innovative direct billing payment solution: it enables you to pay for your medical treatment, wherever you might be, without incurring any personal costs. With the Easy Pay Card, APRIL International is simplifying the process of accessing healthcare, which can be both complex and costly depending on the country of destination, by providing you with a digital payment card. This card can be used for all types of medical procedures covered by your policy, including medical scans, prosthetics, hospitalization, and optics. The Easy Pay Card works anywhere in the world.

  • Telehealth: Doctor Access with a Click
    Living abroad brings exciting experiences but finding the right doctor can be challenging due to language and cultural barriers. With our telehealth service, you can connect with a registered health professional instantly through our Easy Claim app. Consult a doctor online without the hassle of waiting or language barriers. This free service is available 24/7, resolving 70% of cases over the phone without the need for a physical examination.

  • Hospital Care: Stress-Free Hospitalization
    Whether planned or emergency, rest assured you won't face upfront payments for hospitalization. With us, your medical needs are covered without financial stress, ensuring peace of mind wherever you are.

  • Healthcare Networks and Direct Billing: Quality Care at the Right Price
    APRIL International offers a vast network of trusted hospitals and healthcare professionals in popular destinations. Consult a recommended healthcare professional hassle-free.

  • Digital Insurance Card: Always Accessible!
    Your insurance card, now digital, ensures you're covered wherever you go. Accessible from your mobile device, it's convenient and paper-free. Simply add it to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay for instant access, even offline.