Celebrating International Women's Day 2020
  • published on 3/2/2020
  • 3mins

Celebrating International Women's Day 2020: An interview with Boonyawee Apiwantanakul

After our first series of interviews in 2019 where we had the chance to introduce four of our female top managers of the region, it is time again to put the spotlight on the women behind APRIL and celebrate International Women's Day 2020. Today meet Wee, our Sales Manager based in Bangkok.

You recently celebrated your first year at APRIL. Can you tell us more about your job?

The big theme of my work is to build business. We create, monitor and expand our portfolio in Thailand by working closely with our partners, supporting their activities and managing time to visit them. This builds our business relationship as their feedback is also valuable in helping up develop and improve ourselves as a company. They trust us with their feedback, and in return, we can make sure that they are satisfied with our products and services. We also provide product training to our partners to ensure that they understand our services and can communicate our products to their customers. It’s this close relationship that helps build trust between our company and our partners.

What is your favourite part of your job?

My favourite part of the job is that I’m in an environment that allows me to constantly learn, develop, and create value for the company. I’m lucky to work with such professional colleagues and partners. I appreciate the directness and openness in our communication. I know exactly what is expected of me and how I can meet those expectations. It’s the perfect atmosphere for me to develop and thrive in my role.

What is the most challenging thing about your job? What is the most rewarding?

The most challenging aspect of my work is balancing interests. On one hand, I represent the economic interests of my company. On the other hand, I have to work hard to make sure that I’m getting the best possible deal for my partners and customers. It’s a delicate balance to strike because I want to do right by all parties. Business works best when all sides feel like they’re getting a fair deal. My job is to facilitate that mission. I would say that the most rewarding part of my job is seeing a successful work that we have carved out.

On International Women’s Day, what is the most important message you want to send out to young women thinking about their careers?

Be wise and humble. Success takes time, effort, and patience. If you’re willing to work hard and get out of your comfort zone, you will succeed regardless of your gender.